The journey begins. Thanks for sharing it with me...

I have a book in me. You know that feeling? You probably do too. A story to tell, lessons to share, experiences to deconstruct, moments to celebrate. This blog may end up a book, but for now it’s just about the here and now...

It’s the start of the new year, and wishing best wishes to all of you reading this post. I hope that your 2019 will be epic. I’ve had a few weeks off from work. Lots of time to laze around, read, sleep, eat, enjoy summer, enjoy family, enjoy friends. Lots to time to think. It’s […]

When last did you hear somebody tell you that they are feeling great, they have it all together, and they are just steadily cruising through their life?  If this is you – awesome!  You need to tell us how you got there!  If this is not you, read on… Do you want to feel calm […]

Some time during late August, whilst spending time mindlessly scrolling through facebook posts, I saw a post that talked about ‘Scroll free September’.  In an instant, knowing how much time I’d been wasting on scrolling, I made the decision to abstain from social media for September.  To hold myself to account, I sent a quick […]

A friend of mine is currently travelling around Italy with her family, and seeing her post and pictures has reminded me why travelling is so good for your.  For every part of you.  Here is why I would spend my savings on ‘travel’ versus ‘things’ every day of the week: Travelling gives you something to […]

August is Woman’s Month in South Africa.  We don’t only celebrate Woman’s Day – we dedicate an entire month to Women. Today is Women’s Day.  And to be honest, I am feeling frustrated. I am going to go on a bit of a rant in this post; and if you’re not up for it, I’ll […]

People often remark at how positive and joyful I always seem.  Always full of energy.  “Why are you always so happy?” they ask me.  Is it possible that certain people are just born that way? I think a more likely answer is that they choose to be that way.  Truth be told, I am an […]

I don’t know about you, but I don’t love spiders.  Nope, not one bit.  In fact, I tend to squish them with the nearest flip-flop when I see one in our house.  The garden is their territory and I respect that.  The stay there.  I stay here.  And we’re all happy.  Whether it’s spiders or something […]