Here we go…post #1


I believe that we all have a book in us. And even if nobody reads it, the process of creating the book would be hugely enriching for the writer. The thing is, where do you start?  I’ve been contemplating writing a book for years.  It’s been a niggling, nagging, urge that I have and which others have said I should do.  You see, I write a bit and I share what I have written as part of my role in the organisation where I fulfill a leadership position.  I’m told that my writing connects people, inspires people, and gets them to think about what they should be doing to improve themselves, their lives, and enable them to be better versions of themselves for their loved ones.  What could be more important?

To write a book, you need a plan.  Having spoken to people who have written books, I know know that it is hard work, and you have to invest heavily in the process. Not a surprise.  You need a publisher to support your work.  And if your work is good (which I hope mine would be), you have to go public. Mmm, that’s where I get stuck.  I’m not sure how I feel about public reaction to what I write.  Let’s be honest, we love positive feedback; but it takes wisdom, discernment and courage to work through critical feedback.  So, I thought a great place for me to start would be through this platform – blogging.  Short, bite-size notes, which (with luck) will generate some followers, some feedback and some insights that I can use, as I start writing a book.

Why now, you may ask?  I recently took some time off work to recharge before our very busy year end cycle.  I had no idea how exhausted I was.  Aside from getting to the gym every day, I spent the rest of time resting.  Clearly  I needed it. (It was only for a week.) I had a dream on one of the nights and, although the dream was quite jumbled up and confusing, I woke up with a clear message that time was running out.  I needed to start…now.  Hence the image at the top of this post.  Truth be told, I had been stalling; making excuses for why now was not a good time.  That morning I woke up, asked some friends which site was best (many of whom are bloggers), starting playing with the set up – and wa lah – here I am!

If you are reading this, and if you choose to walk this road with me (which I really hope you will), I’ll share my insights, tactics, and lessons about life and purpose.  I’ll challenge your thinking, and inspire you to possibility.  And in return, I ask for your engagement and feedback.  Through that, I’ll become better at this calling that I have. And by doing this, you’ll help me to fulfill my purpose.  I hope that you will join me…

The purpose of life is the life of purpose.  Robin Sharma


5 thoughts on “Here we go…post #1

  1. Hi Ali
    This is interesting indeed and yes I always look forward to read your emails you sent at work. Some I print and share with my kids where i feel it is relevant to their daily tasks at school and in life.
    Yes Im in full support I love reading extracts and this time it will more valueble as it is from someone I know personally

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