Why travelling is good for you…post #7

A friend of mine is currently travelling around Italy with her family, and seeing her post and pictures has reminded me why travelling is so good for your.  For every part of you.  Here is why I would spend my savings on ‘travel’ versus ‘things’ every day of the week:

Travelling gives you something to look forwards to

It is very exciting researching, and then deciding where to go.  There is so much information available online so you can research any destination that you are thinking about visiting, including things like accommodation, weather, languages, restaurants, shows to see, and other events that will be on the go when you are there.  You can do it yourself, but there is also nothing wrong with working with a reliable travel agent.  That’s what I do. Their experience can be incredibly helpful, regardless of whether you are an experienced traveller or not.  Adding things like pick-ups, and pre-booking transfers can reduce the stress, and then you can truly enjoy your trip. And then, let the countdown begin…

Travelling gives you something to work towards

Depending on the trip that you have booked, you may need to do some work to get ready for the trip. Whether that is increasing your fitness, which I’d advise if you’re going hiking, skiing or the likes.  You may be wanting to get into shape before a beach holiday. When you travel, it’s amazing to walk more than you probably do now. That way you get to experience the culture of the destination that you are visiting. It’s well worth getting ready to walk 20 000 steps every day, comfortably.  Regardless, there is nothing better than feeling your best when you go on your trip.  Your trip may require a long-haul flight, so again always good to be in peak physical health before you step on that plane.

Travel gives you something to save for

When you travel you don’t want to miss out on anything.  The last thing you want to be doing is converting exchange rates all the time, and calculating whether or not you want to buy the cappuccino and croissant as you sit at a side-street cafe in Florence.  Of course you do!  Do your research to understand how much things are going to cost.  Pay for as much as you can before you travel.  Save like crazy by cutting out the wasteful, discretionary spending in advance – which you’ll not find difficult to do, given how amped you are about your upcoming trip.  No take-out, no movies, not silly spending.  You won’t regret it.  Before you go on your trip, be sure to have planned well and then shop for what you know you’ll need in advance. That way you don’t put yourself under last minute pressure to spend a lot of cash before your trip.  And then set aside the savings that you know you can afford to spend on your travels, and spend them.  No regrets.  Just enjoy!

Travel is great for your soul

The tips above have been quite practical and they are important.  Now comes the good part.  Travel is simply amazing for your soul.  When you travel:

  • Take in the culture, the scenery, the food, the energy of every place that you visit.  I learnt a wonderful habit of sitting on steps and watching the world go by. My family and I came to appreciate this during one of Europe’s hottest summers.  We sat on cathedral steps all over Europe and we loved it.
  • Talk to people along the way – fellow travellers, locals, shop owners, taxi drivers.  Generally people are very warm and engaging.  Depending on where in the world you are, the language may present some difficulty with communication – but you’ll be surprised how much you can communicate even when you don’t speak one another’s language.
  • Take your time to understand where you are, what you are seeing, understand the history and significance of where you are.  You may be walking on cobbled streets that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years.
  • Take photo’s.  Now I don’t mean missing out on what is in front of you because you are too busy taking pictures.  No, not that.  However there is some magic pausing, and capturing the many wonderful moments whilst travelling.  When you look at the photos years after the trip, you’ll be transported back to that moment.  That feeling of excitement, of awe, will fill your soul again.

I don’t want to leave this earth not having seen some of the marvels of this world, not having experienced some of the unique experiences that life has to offer.  And in order to do that, you have to travel.  And so travel I will.  With people I love, or alone.  To see the things, and visit the places that will fill my soul with joy.  To be surprised by different cultures and places.  To be reminded that at the core, human’s all want the same things.  Before we know it, there will be reasons why we cannot travel, and so I encourage you to travel while you can.


Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France. Photo taken by Alison

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