‘Rich on Paper, Poor on Life’…post #13

Philip McKernan is an Irishman in America, passionate about changing lives.  Helping people live life with meaning.  I’ve seen Philip talk live, and he challenges, he badgers, he does not let up until you are able to admit that, what you’ve been chasing; what we often define as that which will make us happy; could not be further from the truth of what is in our hearts.  This book is a series of real life stories, where Philip has worked with clients and has helped them to change their lives.  In this book, Philip shares a bit of his own story which is entertaining and heart-warming.  This book is ideal if you’re ticking all the boxes, yet feeling empty.  Perhaps at a cross roads.

After hearing Philip speak, and being gifted a copy of the book, I read the book immediately and it left a lasting impression.  The book has 3 distinct parts:

  1. Work: Your relationship to what you do
  2. Self: Your relationship to who you are
  3. Others: Your relationship to whom you’re around

And he ends with ‘The Last Word’.

This book is written with authenticity. Philip  is provocative, and controversial.  He is convicted.  Philip shares so much of what he believes, and he does so using crisp, captivating and emotive story-telling, poems, tasks, and quotes.  Quotes like: ‘Success is manufactured in the mind while happiness is cultivated in the soul.’

In this book he challenges our often long standing beliefs, such as: our adopted beliefs, our limiting beliefs, our debilitating beliefs and our true beliefs.  Throughout the book, he encourages the reader to pause, and do some reflective work.  He asked a series of questions.  Question after question.  So be warned – be prepared to take notes and make some commitments as you read this book.  This book is an experience.  Yes, that’s the way to describe it.  You don’t just read it.  You experience it.

I would encourage you, not only to read this book, but to follow Philip’s social media.  He’s an excellent communicator and he often hits a nerve with people. The nerve that needs to be hit.

In closing, I want to share a poem written by one of Philip’s clients – Marie Osborne:

Always be Yourself

Listen to your heart, that’s your true compass

Slow down, relax, be still, breathe

Get outside in nature – the trees, the wind, the grass, the birds

This is a voice that has no words

Quiet your mind, release your confinement

Trust your soul, your true alignment

Be grateful, be happy

For you always knew,

That this is the real magnificence of you.


Photo taken by Alison.


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