‘Mind, Body, Life Mastery…post #15

Every now and then, a book is written, which is so beautifully simple, that you cannot deny it’s excellence.  Dr James Rouse is the founder of Change Agents, and is a self proclaimed rukus maker.  ‘What does this mean?”, you might be saying?  Do yourself a favor and go and check out some social media from Dr James Rouse, and you’ll see what I mean.  He is incredible.  His energy.  His sense of humor.  His honesty. It’s hard to believe that he’s a very down to earth, loving father and husband.  Best described as unique.

The dedication in the front of the book reads: “To all the rukus makers, dreamers, nonconformists, delusional optimists, courageous ninjas, warriors of the light, compassion junkies, edge pushers, opulent bubble protectors, art makers, servant leaders, masterpiece producers, and all around kind, loving, and growth-minded Jedi’s: thank you for choosing to show up and produce your epic motion picture called life.”

I’ll agree that you ‘get’ Dr James, or  you don’t.  I get him.  I just adore him.  So what is this book about?  As the name says, it’s the connection between mind and body, and how – if you master both – you create a life that you love.  Dr James is a naturopathic Doctor, a coach, a trainer and a sought after speaker, and he uses his skills to lead a life that he loves, and he helps others do the same.  In the book you’ll learn about nutrition, sleep, meditation, exercise, and supplements.  There is a lot of content out there nowdays, and what I appreciate about this book is how practical and simply the information is presented.  Dr James uses science to convince you that you can change your genetics; something people often use as an excuse for their situation.

There’s no doubt that Dr James get’s into the deeper, and softer side of things; like love, compassion etc.  However he balances this with the daily tactics of setting goals. This book is one which is interactive – you need to apply yourself to the content and he’ll encourage you to journal as you read the book.  I’ve had the privilege of hearing Dr James speak and he certainly is somebody that leaves his mark on you with his message.  He has presence.

This book will serve you well if you’re in a slump, or have hit a plateau in your life – whether that be your fitness, nutrition, motivation, mindset – or all of these things.  Dr James shares abundantly in this easy to read book.


Picture taken by Alison.

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