Fundamental lessons from The Titan…post #20

Robin Sharma – he is no guru.  His words, not mine.  If you don’t follow his work already, please take 30 minutes to do some research and listen to any one of his video’s, masterclasses, or podcasts. You will not be sorry.  If you want to operate at your best, be at the top of your game, then you definitely want to tune into his tried and tested tactics. They will change your life.  Will it require effort?  Absolutely. Will it be easy?  No, not until you’ve installed the habits. And even then, it will require unrelenting discipline and consistency.  So why do it?  If you do, you’ll be an outlier in every aspect of your life.  In your mindset, healthset, heartset and soulset.  Again, his words – not mine.

Over more than 20 years, Robin has crafted rituals and tactics which, if applied consistently, will take you from where you are now, to living a legendary life.  Let’s face it, most people spend each day wishing it was the weekend.  And then, when it is the weekend, they do nothing of value.  They sleep, game, binge watch Netflix.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with decompressing; but if this is your weekly routine then you are in trouble.  Can you honestly tell me that you’re happy?  Fulfilled?  Making an impact?  Being memorable?  Of course not.

So here’s the good news – it is not impossible to change all of that.  As Nelson Mandela says: It always seems impossible, until it is done.

My advice to you, if you are just starting out, is to begin with the fundamentals of Robin’s teachings, before you go deep into the work that he has done in recent years. Start with 2 things:

  • Join the 5am Club, and
  • Follow the 20/20/20 ritual.

The 5am Club:

  • Simple practice – get up early.  Be up and ready to activate the 20/20/20 ritual by 5am. Why? It’s peaceful, quiet, and you have the world to yourself.  Why is this important? You get a head start on your day. Important: Do not look at your phone, the news, or any other screens.  Why?  Your mind will be flooded with negativity, comparison, and stress.

20/20/20 Ritual:

  • For the first 20 minutes after rising – EXERCISE.  Sweat, stretch.  Raise your heart rate.  Clear out the stress hormones and activate the happiness hormones.  Your choice: exercise in the peace and quiet of the morning, or listen to an audiobook or inspirational music while you exercise.
  • For the second 20 minutes after exercising – JOURNAL (reflect).  Write down what you’re thinking about and how you feel.  Write down what you’re grateful for.  Look at your plan for the day, and set your positive intentions for the day ahead.
  • For the final 20 minutes after exercising and reflecting – LEARN.  Listen to an autobiography, or an inspirational podcast.  Read something that will ignite your mind.

Dear reader, please understand that I am not at all doing justice to the science behind these practices and routines. That’s not my game, yet.  If you do tune in to Robin’s material, he’ll share the rationale behind these routines – abundantly.   He often offers free masterclasses, so there is no excuse for not having access to his teachings.

My request to you – try to install these 2 habits over the next week, and assess how you are feeling. Then keep going, and after a month, check in on how you are feeling. How are you arriving to your day? How are people experiencing you and your contribution?  How’s your energy and how is your mindset?  I’ll put money on you feeling in control, positive and vital.  As you’ll hear from Robin, it takes 66 days to install a new habit, so a month from today you’ll be half way there.

My journey with Robin’s work has been a personal one, and one which has spanned many, many years.  That’s for another post though – not today.  For now…

Here I am, having a moderately out of body experience at Robin’s exclusive Titan Summit – meeting Robin Sharma, Nando Parrado, Steve Wozniak, and Scott Stratten – just some of the Titans.  My favourite picture is top right, where Robin welcomed me like an old friend.  You have never, ever met such a generous teacher, author, speaker, humanitarian.


Photo’s taken at the Titan Summit in Zurich (2016 – feeling awesome) and Toronto (2017 – feeling jet-lagged).


One thought on “Fundamental lessons from The Titan…post #20

  1. Hi Ali, great article. I recently joined the 5am club and still struggle on some days with 20/20/20…it’s the exercise aspect. I am seeing great improvement already in his 3 weeks and looking forward to experiencing more of these amazing benefits in future.

    PS: that’s my favourite pic too!


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