Busy is not your Purpose…post #23

I read this quote at just the right time. You know, when you’re racing from one thing to the next. Every hour of the day filled with a meeting, a connect, travel time, do the groceries etc. And then you catch yourself answering the ‘How are you?’ question with ‘Busy, and you?’  Everybody is so busy.  It’s a tragedy!  A Greek tragedy. You know the one’s where the audience can see what’s about to happen, but through dumb-denial, the lead character will walk into the trap again and again and again.  We’re going to get to the ends of our lives, having filled our days being busy.  What is that about?

What to do?  Here are a few tactics that I deploy the moment I find myself answering the question with ‘busy’:

  • Step back. Just take a step back, and breath.  Stop moving for a moment. And that includes your mind.  Can you just stop, for a moment?  Just stop.  The world is not going to end if you do.
  • Recharge.  Do something to recharge your  batteries.  That might be going to gym, having a good nights sleep and only waking-up when you wake-up naturally. Or perhaps it’s not saying ‘no’ when your daughter asks you to come and sit with her and watch this move.  (The movie was ‘A Dog’s Purpose’, and it could not have been more aptly timed.  Do yourself a favor and watch it.)  Or perhaps it is politely saying ‘no’ to the invitation.
  • Reflect.  What have you been so busy with?  (Don’t get stuck here, making excuses.  You need to move through all these questions.)  Are these the things that matter most to you/your company/your family?  Are you doing work that you’re proud of and enjoy?  Are you making good decisions?  How do you feel about what you’re doing?  Are you listening to people around you? Are you paying attention?  Are you listening to your body?
  • Reset.  Now you get to hit ‘reset’.   Clear your browser history.  Reset the schedule. Reset your mindset.  You get to choose how you want this new week to go.  And yes, I know that not every day will go according to plan; and that’s okay.  But if you can hold on to your intentions for each day, and if you can celebrate how much you have done/how far you have come each evening – then that’s enough.
  • Enjoy.  Make the decision now, to enjoy your week ahead.  You’re alive.  You’re loved.  You’re needed.  Have fun with that!

Various photos of my feet, in various locations across Europe and South Africa.  When I stopped moving. Taken by Alison. And an image on social media posted by Spiritual Gangster.

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