‘I Heart My Life’…post #22

Emily Williams and James Williams are a formidable duo.  Yes, they are partners in life and in work.  Emily recently published her first book, and all I can say is wow, wow, wow!  I could only have dreamed of having as much focus, imagination, determination and courage to have done as much as she has already done in her life.  If you’re looking for a bit of a ‘kick up the butt’ to get you back on track – then this is the book for you. Granted, it’s likely to resonate more with women; but I’d recommend it to any and everybody that I know.

In this book, Emily shares her personal story and she does so with such raw authenticity that you cannot help but feel that you are capable of more too.  It’s entertaining, it’s moving and it’s jam packed with wonderful lessons. You will definitely get 10 X the value back from this book price.  Be prepared to get busy following your dreams.

Emily covers a mass of content in very well packaged, simply written chapters.

  • Belief
  • Possibility
  • Desire
  • Purpose
  • Mindset
  • Goals
  • Action
  • Self
  • Challenge
  • Support
  • Success

In true Emily style, you’ll have work to do as you read this book: reflection, journaling, taking action.  If you’re more of a listener, you are in luck because Emily narrates the audible version.

I strongly recommend gifting yourself and others with this.  And  check out the wonderful ‘I Heart My Life’ online community and courses.  After all, who doesn’t want to Heart their Life?


Book cover picture from Audible.

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