‘Feminist Fight Club’…post #24

August is Woman’s Month in South Africa, so what better way to kick off the month than celebrating a satirically, yet sadly accurate, book about gender gaps in the workplace.  Now there are probably a few Brad Pitt fans out there, and you’ll be very familiar with his epic movie ‘Fight Club’.  Who can forget the Rules of Flight Club? Rule number 1: You must not talk about Fight Club.  Well this is completely the opposite.  In Feminist Flight Club, rule number 1 is: “You must talk about Feminist Fight Club”.

This book, written by Jessica Bennet, is entertaining and direct, and it tackles patriachy and sexism in the workplace – head on.  And I’m all for that.  I’m all about equality and that includes raising issues that affect women, men, children, animals and so on.  Nothing get’s my blood boiling quite like issues of inequality.  However, the focus of this post is about the often accepted gender issues that women face in their homes, their workplace, on social media, and in broader society.  We must acknowledge the huge strides that have been made in the last century, and even in the last decade, to correct these imbalances.  However, if we don’t keep fighting, there will be no further progress. As the author says in rule number 6: “If someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is still not over.  The fight is not over until we have achieved equality for ALL women.”

  • Who should read this book? Everybody.  Men and women. Of any age.  If you interact with other human’s then you should read this book.  You will be surprised by how much subtle-sexism there is going on all around you.  Perhaps even by you.  I know.  Shock!  Horror!  We all have blind spots, but we cannot use that as an excuse any longer.
  • Why should I/you read this book?  Every day, through your actions, through your words, through your decisions – you have the opportunity to impact this important societal issue.  Your silence and acceptance of inequality is no longer acceptable.  And shockingly, women are often undermining other women – deliberately.  All because they fear that there will never be enough ‘seats at the table’ for women, so they better fight for that one seat.

If you decide to take the giant step forwards for all ‘human kind’ and read this entertaining and enlightening book; you’ll find that you probably need to read it once year.  These concepts seem not to get old, and before you know it you’re being blind sided by some guy, some girl, or (heaven forbid) by yourself, through some crafty self-sabotage.  Please don’t take this subject lightly, no matter how humorous the book might be.

If you go down this ‘rabbit-hole’, you have a responsibility to make your voice heard, to take your seat at the table, to lean in, and to stand up for other women.   Polite tolerance simply will not do.

It’s woman’s month and so guess what I’m reading…again?


Book cover picture taken by Alison.

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