Local wisdom…post #25

I’d normally have declined, but this time I thought – what the heck. I need this.  And so my colleague and I RSVP’d to attend an invitation to a Women’s Day event.  Trying to take some of my own advice and aligning to my priorities, vs. focusing only on the ‘to do’ list.  The speaker line-up for this event also grabbed my attention, making the decision to attend that much easier.  Kerry Miller (a local radio DJ), Saray Khumalo (the first African women to summit Everest), and Devi Sankaree Govender (a local journalist and television personality).  All of these women, although completely different, have a story to tell and lessons to teach.  I thought I’d share some of their pearls of wisdom with you.  I cannot capture them all in one post, so I’ll break them down into bite-size, easy reads.

Kerry Miller, Radio DJ, previously heavily overweight, fluent in Zulu, escaped a life threatening home invasion.  Kerry is well known locally as she co-hosts the breakfast show on a local station.  Kerry is a humorous, authentic, kind and strong women.  Kerry spoke passionately about how we should be grateful for every moment of our lives, because our lives are (quite simply) made up of moments.  And if we’re not present for them, then we’re missing it.  She shared what she describes as the 3 things that successful people do:

  1. Exercise.   Kerry emphasised the need to chose a form of exercise that you enjoy, not one that you despise.  As Kerry said – if you’re not willing to make time to exercise, you had better be willing to make time for illness.  That got me thinking, as somebody who is working really hard on my health, so as not to acquire any of the very common, and life threatening chronic illnesses so prevalent in society today.  No monthly gym subscription will ever cost as much as a monthly medication prescription.  And I agree with Kerry – you must do what you enjoy, but you must do it vigorously in order to reap the benefits of exercise.  No faking it.
  2. Meditate.  During the talk we practiced a breathing technique which changed the energy in the room, in less than 2 minutes.  Which begs the question – why would we not do this every day?  There are scientific studies which are starting to demonstrate the positive changes to people’s brain functioning, after meditating regularly.  It’s pretty amazing.  Again, why the heck don’t we do this more often?  I’ve decided to add this to my daily routine. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  3. Journal.  Not just any journaling. Gratitude journaling.  During the session Kerry had us practice this technique:
    • Who are you grateful to have in your life?
    • What are you grateful for today?
    • What about you, are you grateful for?
    • What have you done recently, that you are grateful for?
    • What situations are you grateful for, because they helped you get to where you are today?

Kerry ended her talk reminding us that we are where we are supposed to be; our whole lives are this moment.  Be present.

(I’ll share more of the lesson’s learnt from Saray and Devi in upcoming posts.)

Photos taken in Tuscany, Italy by Alison. July 2015

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