Choose Joy… post #17

I have a feeling that few people need to be reminded of this. I know that I do. We have wok so hard to remain joyful and grateful when it appears that there is so much wrong in the world. My advice to you – and to me – Choose Joy!

A note from Alison...

I’ve had just about enough of all the crap (yes I said it) trending on social media, about how to get into shape physically.  You’ll be happy when…it’s everywhere you look.  Which exercises to do for ‘perfect’ abs, how many squats to do for a ‘perfect butt’, which diet to get to your ‘dream weight’, which meditation app is best, which yoga is trending, what books to read etc.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take care of ourselves and explore everything that is so easily available to us now days.  I’m just saying that these gimmicks often create a false sense of hope, that once achieved, you’ll be happy. And that’s simply not true. I for one, don’t want my children to grow up thinking that there is a silver bullet to happiness; and that it involves looking and doing the same things as everybody on social media.  Be…

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