On not fitting in…post #30

What do you do when you realise that you’re an outlier?  You don’t quite fit in.  You don’t necessarily enjoy the activities that most people around you enjoy.  You don’t spend your time doing what most people spend their time doing.  You therefore don’t engage in conversations that most people are having.  And, to top it off, you don’t arrive to the world with the attitude that most people have. It’s tough, isn’t it?

I’m reminded of what Robin Sharma says about needing to spend time with folk who are different from you, perhaps doing things/learning things that you would not ordinarily do.  There is always something to learn.  Robin says ‘The more time you spend in your discomfort zone, the more your comfort zone will expand.’     That’s what I’m reminded of when I find myself in a situation that challenges my comfort zone.  There are two choices, right?  Leave, or embrace the opportunity and take from it what you can.  Even if that learning is a greater insight into yourself and increased commitment to how you are growing.

Here is my encouragement to you, if you too are on a path of self-love, personal mastery, changing your future, or re-coding your epigenetics: whatever path you are on, know that you are going to feel increasingly out of place spending time where you used to be, doing things that you used to do.  I’d encourage you to be deliberate, whist being kind to others and to yourself, as you shift your focus in the direction of your future.  Don’t settle. Don’t compromise.

In one of his personal mastery podcasts, Robin Sharma says something like ‘Show me your schedule and I’ll tell you your values’.  I might not have got that entirely right, but you get the message.  So, this is a reminder to me and to anybody else on this journey.  ‘As uncomfortable as growth may be, squeezing in to spaces you’ve outgrown is even more uncomfortable’. Spiritual Daughter.


Lucerne, Switzerland.  July 2015.  Photo taken by Alison.


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