Just be…post #32

This is going to be a quick one.  It’s Sunday night, and it’s time to shift gear and get ready for the work week ahead.  I was cleaning up my photo library and came across this post which had been shared with me.  Although you’d think it’s apt to share this at the end of a work week, I thought it was as useful as I start a new week.  You might to.

It is possible to start the week with a specific intention for the week ahead, and these tips are a great way to get your head into the game.  No matter what this week has in store for you – planned and the inevitable unplanned – consider tackling each day with a mindset of:

  • Celebration for what you’re going to do each day. (Doing one thing each day, worthy of celebration.)
  • Being open to learning each day.  (Actively seeking opportunities to learn in all situations.)
  • Intentionally looking forward to each day.  (Reshaping your mindset from anxiety to excitement.)
  • Keeping it simple – keeping it clean.  (Your mind, your diet, your environment.)
  • Creating time to ‘just be’.  (Just breath.  Rest.  Sleep well.)

Imagine what a wonderful week you’ll have…and then make it a reality.


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