Local wisdom…post #25

I’d normally have declined, but this time I thought – what the heck. I need this.  And so my colleague and I RSVP’d to attend an invitation to a Women’s Day event.  Trying to take some of my own advice and aligning to my priorities, vs. focusing only on the ‘to do’ list.  The speaker line-up for this event also grabbed my attention, making the decision to attend that much easier.  Kerry Miller (a local radio DJ), Saray Khumalo (the first African women to summit Everest), and Devi Sankaree Govender (a local journalist and television personality).  All of these women, … Continue reading Local wisdom…post #25

‘Feminist Fight Club’…post #24

August is Woman’s Month in South Africa, so what better way to kick off the month than celebrating a satirically, yet sadly accurate, book about gender gaps in the workplace.  Now there are probably a few Brad Pitt fans out there, and you’ll be very familiar with his epic movie ‘Fight Club’.  Who can forget the Rules of Flight Club? Rule number 1: You must not talk about Fight Club.  Well this is completely the opposite.  In Feminist Flight Club, rule number 1 is: “You must talk about Feminist Fight Club”. This book, written by Jessica Bennet, is entertaining and … Continue reading ‘Feminist Fight Club’…post #24

Busy is not your Purpose…post #23

I read this quote at just the right time. You know, when you’re racing from one thing to the next. Every hour of the day filled with a meeting, a connect, travel time, do the groceries etc. And then you catch yourself answering the ‘How are you?’ question with ‘Busy, and you?’  Everybody is so busy.  It’s a tragedy!  A Greek tragedy. You know the one’s where the audience can see what’s about to happen, but through dumb-denial, the lead character will walk into the trap again and again and again.  We’re going to get to the ends of our … Continue reading Busy is not your Purpose…post #23

‘I Heart My Life’…post #22

Emily Williams and James Williams are a formidable duo.  Yes, they are partners in life and in work.  Emily recently published her first book, and all I can say is wow, wow, wow!  I could only have dreamed of having as much focus, imagination, determination and courage to have done as much as she has already done in her life.  If you’re looking for a bit of a ‘kick up the butt’ to get you back on track – then this is the book for you. Granted, it’s likely to resonate more with women; but I’d recommend it to any … Continue reading ‘I Heart My Life’…post #22

Warm like the sun…post #21

“Surround yourself with people who feel like sunshine.”  I don’t know who wrote it, but it’s good.  It elicits warm and pleasurable emotions, right?  It’s winter in South Africa, and some parts of our gorgeous country get really cold at this time of the year.  (Really cold.)  Not where we live though. We complain that it’s cold, but really it’s not. It’s warm enough to put your feet in the ocean, and to wear flip-flops.  That’s not cold.  Compared to our very warm, very humid, long summers – it is chilly. When I read this quote, it resonated with me … Continue reading Warm like the sun…post #21

Fundamental lessons from The Titan…post #20

Robin Sharma – he is no guru.  His words, not mine.  If you don’t follow his work already, please take 30 minutes to do some research and listen to any one of his video’s, masterclasses, or podcasts. You will not be sorry.  If you want to operate at your best, be at the top of your game, then you definitely want to tune into his tried and tested tactics. They will change your life.  Will it require effort?  Absolutely. Will it be easy?  No, not until you’ve installed the habits. And even then, it will require unrelenting discipline and consistency.  … Continue reading Fundamental lessons from The Titan…post #20

‘The Power of Vulnerability’…post #19

Is there really power in being vulnerable?  Brene Brown has made it her life’s work to get this message out into the world – the power of being authentic; and that includes being goofy, messing up, embarrassing oneself, feeling ashamed.  Sounds great right?  That’s what being vulnerable is. And there are massive benefits if you’ve got the courage.  In this audio book, Brene shares the very real benefits to you, and to the world, if you have the courage to connect with vulnerability.  You cannot even call this an audio ‘book’.  No!  It’s way better than that. You feel as though … Continue reading ‘The Power of Vulnerability’…post #19