The journey begins. Thanks for sharing it with me...

I have a book in me. You know that feeling? You probably do too. A story to tell, lessons to share, experiences to deconstruct, moments to celebrate. This blog may end up a book, but for now it’s just about the here and now...

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Life is full of ups and downs. Reflecting on the past week, I certainly have experienced my fair share of emotions – good and bad. From extreme pride, to feelings of deepest sympathy; absolute joy, to feelings of fear and anxiety.  Just your average week, right?  We all know that everybody will go through tough […]

It’s Sunday night. France has just beaten Croatia and won the Soccer World Cup 2018. Kevin Anderson lost the Wimbledon final to the formidable Djokovic.  It’s cold and rainy in the city that I live in.  And like I said – it’s Sunday night. 

I believe that we all have a book in us. And even if nobody reads it, the process of creating the book would be hugely enriching for the writer. The thing is, where do you start?  I’ve been contemplating writing a book for years.  It’s been a niggling, nagging, urge that I have and which […]

Thanks for joining me! Success is a journey. Not a destination… Durban, South Africa. February 2018.  Photo taken by Alison