‘Fahrenheit 451’… post #18

I don’t often read fiction, but this book was recommended to me by…I can’t recall who.  Not knowing anything about the book or the author, I read it.  Only after reading it, did I discover that it had been written in 1953.  Which surprised me, as the writing had transported me to a modern world.  A cold and dark modern world.  If you love reading, you love books, you respect and appreciate the creative and vulnerable process of writing – then you’ll appreciate this book. This book is about destroying books. Burning them to be precise.  In a modern world, of … Continue reading ‘Fahrenheit 451’… post #18

Choose Joy… post #17

I’ve had just about enough of all the crap (yes I said it) trending on social media, about how to get into shape physically.  You’ll be happy when…it’s everywhere you look.  Which exercises to do for ‘perfect’ abs, how many squats to do for a ‘perfect butt’, which diet to get to your ‘dream weight’, which meditation app is best, which yoga is trending, what books to read etc.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take care of ourselves and explore everything that is so easily available to us now days.  I’m just saying that these gimmicks often create a … Continue reading Choose Joy… post #17

‘Nine Lies About Work’…post #16

‘A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World’.  I love that word, freethinking.  Surprisingly rare now days, isn’t it?  Whether it’s at work, school, university or even in your community – we are often just swept up with what others are thinking and saying, or by the way we’ve always done things, instead of questioning things for ourselves.  As I read this book, I was struck by how many examples there were of scenarios which I’d questioned, as they just don’t feel right, aren’t adding value, or they make me feel anxious as a Leader.  I didn’t do anything to … Continue reading ‘Nine Lies About Work’…post #16

‘Mind, Body, Life Mastery…post #15

Every now and then, a book is written, which is so beautifully simple, that you cannot deny it’s excellence.  Dr James Rouse is the founder of Change Agents, and is a self proclaimed rukus maker.  ‘What does this mean?”, you might be saying?  Do yourself a favor and go and check out some social media from Dr James Rouse, and you’ll see what I mean.  He is incredible.  His energy.  His sense of humor.  His honesty. It’s hard to believe that he’s a very down to earth, loving father and husband.  Best described as unique. The dedication in the front … Continue reading ‘Mind, Body, Life Mastery…post #15

Naively optimistic…post #14

As South Africans track the final counting following our recent national elections, there are often mixed emotions. Politics is rife with disagreement, dispute, allegations, and mistrust. And let’s face it, we don’t have the proudest history when it comes to politics. You can relax – this is not a political post. Instead I want to talk to you about what I experienced today. And it’s about people. No politics. Our province and city was ravaged by a severe storm recently, and many people lost their homes and more than 70 people lost their lives after severe localized flooding. As is … Continue reading Naively optimistic…post #14

‘Rich on Paper, Poor on Life’…post #13

Philip McKernan is an Irishman in America, passionate about changing lives.  Helping people live life with meaning.  I’ve seen Philip talk live, and he challenges, he badgers, he does not let up until you are able to admit that, what you’ve been chasing; what we often define as that which will make us happy; could not be further from the truth of what is in our hearts.  This book is a series of real life stories, where Philip has worked with clients and has helped them to change their lives.  In this book, Philip shares a bit of his own … Continue reading ‘Rich on Paper, Poor on Life’…post #13