‘Miracle in the Andes’…post #12

The autobiographical novel by Nando Parrado, with Vince Rause, is nothing short of captivating.  ’72 days on the mountain and my long trek home’.  If you want to put things into perspective, if you’re lacking motivation, or if you’re feeling stuck in a rut and not entirely thrilled with life – with your life – then, this is the book for you.  It will wake you up by slapping you in the face with the chilling, true story, of an amateur sports team’s ordeal, when their plane crashes in the freezing cold Andes mountains. The book is very well written … Continue reading ‘Miracle in the Andes’…post #12

Reading…post #11

I love reading.  I do.  I’ll be first to admit that I’m not into fiction when I read.  Perhaps it is because that need is quelled by the quantum of movies available to us at the click of a button.  Instead it’s the books that challenge my beliefs and my way of thinking that I love. Those books that teach me something that I didn’t know; or put what I know it such beautifully simple words. I’ve read and listened to more books this year than I’ve ever done before.  I listen to audiobooks in the car on my daily … Continue reading Reading…post #11

Get real…post #10

It’s the start of the new year, and wishing best wishes to all of you reading this post. I hope that your 2019 will be epic. I’ve had a few weeks off from work. Lots of time to laze around, read, sleep, eat, enjoy summer, enjoy family, enjoy friends. Lots to time to think. It’s been good. I did however, have an epiphany: I am too blooming controlling. Seriously, I am out of control in the ‘control’ department. I need to be in control 24/7. I’ll do anything and everything to keep things on track, no mistakes, no room for … Continue reading Get real…post #10

Pause…post #9

When last did you hear somebody tell you that they are feeling great, they have it all together, and they are just steadily cruising through their life?  If this is you – awesome!  You need to tell us how you got there!  If this is not you, read on… Do you want to feel calm and in control of your thoughts? Do you want to respond to others, and to situations, thoughtfully? Do you want to appreciate moments, people, experiences at a deeper level? There are a few small daily tactics that you can deploy which will make all the … Continue reading Pause…post #9

Addicted…post #8

Some time during late August, whilst spending time mindlessly scrolling through facebook posts, I saw a post that talked about ‘Scroll free September’.  In an instant, knowing how much time I’d been wasting on scrolling, I made the decision to abstain from social media for September.  To hold myself to account, I sent a quick post telling my ‘followers’ what I was about to do, then – wham!  That was that.  No social media for a month.  An interesting test this would be.  How addicted was I to social media, and in particular, to facebook? Turns out I was a … Continue reading Addicted…post #8

Why travelling is good for you…post #7

A friend of mine is currently travelling around Italy with her family, and seeing her post and pictures has reminded me why travelling is so good for your.  For every part of you.  Here is why I would spend my savings on ‘travel’ versus ‘things’ every day of the week: Travelling gives you something to look forwards to It is very exciting researching, and then deciding where to go.  There is so much information available online so you can research any destination that you are thinking about visiting, including things like accommodation, weather, languages, restaurants, shows to see, and other … Continue reading Why travelling is good for you…post #7