Woman’s month…post #6

August is Woman’s Month in South Africa.  We don’t only celebrate Woman’s Day – we dedicate an entire month to Women. Today is Women’s Day.  And to be honest, I am feeling frustrated. I am going to go on a bit of a rant in this post; and if you’re not up for it, I’ll understand.  Here it is: today is not Mother’s Day.  It is not Girlfriend Day.  It is not a day for celebrating women with flowers and tea-parties.  No.  In fact, I am moderately offended by the ‘cute’ messages that have been sent to me, that I … Continue reading Woman’s month…post #6

To be an optimist…post #5

People often remark at how positive and joyful I always seem.  Always full of energy.  “Why are you always so happy?” they ask me.  Is it possible that certain people are just born that way? I think a more likely answer is that they choose to be that way.  Truth be told, I am an optimist, and I am happy.  Most of the time.  The alternative is a place that I don’t wish to go.  I’ve been there.  When I start sensing that my optimism and energy is fading, I know that I need to a) be honest about what is sucking the life out of me, b) remove/avoid those elements of my life as far as is humanly possible (and without hurting anybody in the process), and c) pull myself together. I take responsibility for my emotions because I know that I’m no good to anybody if I am not at my best.

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The other side…post #4

I don’t know about you, but I don’t love spiders.  Nope, not one bit.  In fact, I tend to squish them with the nearest flip-flop when I see one in our house.  The garden is their territory and I respect that.  The stay there.  I stay here.  And we’re all happy.  Whether it’s spiders or something equally creepy, we all have something that we prefer to avoid.  And there’s no avoiding these creepy-critters. They are part of our very complex ecosystem, and they serve an important purpose in the environment. So whilst we may not like them, we also cannot imagine a world without them. Am I right? Continue reading “The other side…post #4”

How to change your mindset…post #3

Life is full of ups and downs. Reflecting on the past week, I certainly have experienced my fair share of emotions – good and bad. From extreme pride, to feelings of deepest sympathy; absolute joy, to feelings of fear and anxiety.  Just your average week, right?  We all know that everybody will go through tough times. No matter who you are, where you are from, your financial status, your health status, your educational background…tough times are pretty much guaranteed.  As are joyful times.  Is it possible to use the power of your thoughts, to influence how you feel, particularly when you are feeling badly?

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Sunday night blues?…post #2

It’s Sunday night. France has just beaten Croatia and won the Soccer World Cup 2018. Kevin Anderson lost the Wimbledon final to the formidable Djokovic.  It’s cold and rainy in the city that I live in.  And like I said – it’s Sunday night.  Continue reading “Sunday night blues?…post #2”

Here we go…post #1


I believe that we all have a book in us. And even if nobody reads it, the process of creating the book would be hugely enriching for the writer. The thing is, where do you start?  I’ve been contemplating writing a book for years.  It’s been a niggling, nagging, urge that I have and which others have said I should do.  You see, I write a bit and I share what I have written as part of my role in the organisation where I fulfill a leadership position.  I’m told that my writing connects people, inspires people, and gets them to think about what they should be doing to improve themselves, their lives, and enable them to be better versions of themselves for their loved ones.  What could be more important? Continue reading “Here we go…post #1”